TAG(lines) — You’re It!

Here are a few of my own Handy-esque “deep thoughts,” primarily some wordplay fun in tagline length from the past several weeks. If I bothered with a Twitter account, I suppose these below and those on my back pages of Tumblr would be my “Tweets of the Day.”

* * *

It’s said if you believe in nothing, you’ll fall for anything. On the other hand, if you believe a little bit in everything, you’ll fall for nothing in particular.

* * *
Do the math: Conservatives = Liberals - 1(♥)
* * *
Like the shoemaker’s elves, dreams are our overnight cobblers of the soul.

* * *

As much as I welcome a visit from the Muse, sure wish it wasn’t always in the wee wee hours of the morn. 

* * *

He was always in the middle of a whole-life crisis.

* * *

Thought he was trending hip, but his finger was on the pulse of a corpse.  

* * *

Why treat me shabbily when you can treat me to chablis?!

* * *

I yam what I yam, so I can’t be beet.

* * *

While “good Earth” contracts to “g’Earth,” the bounty from it often expands one’s girth.

* * *

Def Ignition of WFMU: A many Kentacled “Octopi Montgomery St.” cult. [And, just like fish, mollusks stink from the head down.]

Flame Retardant [From the K Ching]

If you persevere in fanning lame flame,
you only make ash of yourself.

© KAM  Netiquette for an Asocial Network



We arrive in this world as doe-eyed idealists. Far too many are routinely sucker-punched by a needlessly grim reality. And far too few still hang by the thinnest threads above a chasm of cynicism and a pit of pessimism.  [snip]

Sales Tags


Her bad timing was bottled and sold in Zürich as a novelty item.

He merchandised his issue-waffling, and it sold like hotcakes.


Nashville Kat

My country cousin, Twavis Twit, and his bluegrass band, Ear Juice, asked me for some song ideas the other day. I came up with these:

Stop Scrapin’ the Scab Off My Healin’ Heart, Honey 

Hardheaded Against Hard Hearts

I’d Rather Be a Recluse Than Be a Loose Wreck

The Angels Wanna Wear My Blue Suede Shoes

 © KAM

Def ignition for the Jung and the restless

Freudian Slips: The Underwear of Ideas
 © KAM

Downbeat Tags [Cont.]

Filled with angst and wondering why my ex is tense.

Friday’s Child in a Wednesday World.

I seized the day, but it struggled free and slapped me in the face.


Apt Tag

Wouldn’t feel like a pincushion if the world weren’t so full of pricks.  


Post-election depression tags

Penned these taglines a dozen years ago originally, but the more things change….

Like lemmings happy to Rush out on a Limbaugh…humbug!

They bought the whole nine yards from bolts of whole cloth.

Earthworm movement against grassroots organization is underfoot!