Nashville Kat

My country cousin, Twavis Twit, and his bluegrass band, Ear Juice, asked me for some song ideas the other day. I came up with these:

Stop Scrapin’ the Scab Off My Healin’ Heart, Honey 

Hardheaded Against Hard Hearts

I’d Rather Be a Recluse Than Be a Loose Wreck

The Angels Wanna Wear My Blue Suede Shoes

 © KAM

Def ignition for the Jung and the restless

Freudian Slips: The Underwear of Ideas
 © KAM

The Shape of Things to Come

A robotics researcher named Wally
Built a robot bombshell he dubbed “Dolly”
   With a bountiful baud;
   But his jealous wife, Maud,
Removed baud-y bits, now it’s “Ollie.”

Then to make Wally jealous, Maud bought
A robot called “Rod Megawatt.”
   She’s so hot for her Rod,
   Wally queried of Maud:
"Just what hath Rod got that I’ve not?!"


Downbeat Tags [Cont.]

Filled with angst and wondering why my ex is tense.

Friday’s Child in a Wednesday World.

I seized the day, but it struggled free and slapped me in the face.


Hooked on Homophonics: Composure I

You may have noticed in “Ballad of the Bard” the theme of weaving homophonic puns on many Shakespearean titles and references into a limerick rhythm and rhyme format. Since limericks are first and foremost an oral tradition, and since homophonic puns work best visually using one’s internal ear, this particular pun fun is probably not the typical limericist’s go-to humor device. However, I can’t resist the hook of homophonic puns, so I chose the same “Bard” idea here in weaving together classical composer names for this next one (and others I’ll post sometime later).

Frescobaldi, a Barber for Boyce,
Shoeck the Bloch with his Weill singing voice.
   Des Prez he’ll move on
   And not Karajan
Cutting hair so Carulli with noise.

Post-election depression tags

Penned these taglines a dozen years ago originally, but the more things change….

Like lemmings happy to Rush out on a Limbaugh…humbug!

They bought the whole nine yards from bolts of whole cloth.

Earthworm movement against grassroots organization is underfoot!


Apt Tag

Wouldn’t feel like a pincushion if the world weren’t so full of pricks.