The Arsenal

I finally had the idea to compose an image of the instrument array used variously in my home recordings. Even when not “killing it!” on a track, this is my arsenal:


Clockwise from bottom left – a 45-year-old Guild Mark II classical guitar (my SoundCloud avatar is this very same guitar when it was nearly brand new); a Korg C-3500 (the scritchenemy); my “horn” section, which includes a new Hohner melodica below my old Hohner melodica, and a slide whistle atop both; a handcrafted kantele (Finnish harp); my “percussion” section, which includes bongos topped by a homemade “cowbell” (tin measuring cup w/tin measuring spoon), drumsticks, and homemade “maraca” (canister of rice); an Epiphone “Special II” (w/its amp); and a Yeti Blue microphone center stage. Kiitos (TY in Finnish) to my hunaja, JT, for graphically orchestrating this image!