I Don’t Believe You

I guess it’s long past high time I included a Dylan cover here. After all, he is what inspired me to ask Mom for a guitar and, probably, his “Blowin’ in the Wind” was the first tune I taught myself on it. “I Don’t Believe You” is a little jewel from “Another Side,” overshadowed and usually overlooked when stacked up against the great tracks around it. But I always had a soft spot for this simple song of a hot flame turning suddenly and inexplicably cold on one side, a universal emotional mystery to the keeper of the flame.

Before we saw Dylan at the nearby Horseshoe Casino amphitheater a few years ago, I looked up his tour set lists and, wonder of wonders, I noticed “I Don’t Believe You” was included at some venues. A nice surprise that he resurrects this tune on occasion. Unfortunately, he did not at that Horseshoe concert, despite my most earnest mental entreaties aimed at the stage.

This upload is pretty much my usual — voice, guitar, and melodica tracks — but with one addition: I got out the electric guitar JT gave me ages ago to peck out a very rudimentary bass line. Though I’ve sorely neglected this instrument — it’s so heavy, and it needs restringing to rid of unwanted buzzing — perhaps these home recording experiments will encourage me to mess around with it more often, much as I have his kantele gift as well. Better late than never!